Well the first thing I believe about personal training, is it should be just that, PERSONAL. No two people are the same, or have exactly the same goal, so none of my programs will be the same.  My aim is to tailor a program to suit your personal needs. When you train with me , there is no treadmill, no cross trainer and no rowing machine.  I use body weight exercises and other tools to get your heart rate up and your muscles working at the same time.  I Want to improve your fitness, posture, strength, flexibility and make your workouts fun.  My clients never get bored, because i’m always finding new ways to make your workouts interesting,

The first session with a client, will include a full body and posture analysis.  Your body may have changed due to any injuries or psychical influences, be that sports or work related. These often unnoticed factors may have changed your bodies natural alignment.  Any program I set will be take these factors into account and attempt to correct these issues and get your body back into homeostasis.   We will also look at your current eating habits, and I will advise you on making better food choices and make better habits that will help you achieve your goals in the the least amount of time.

I will help you set short, medium and long term goals and guide you to achieving them.  I will push you to your maximum potential.  I will help you forge your body to look the way you want it to be.

To book a consultation please email me at jason@ghostfitness.co.uk

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire you to be strong enough to make the right choices.  To eat well and train hard.  To prove to you that you can be in control of your life, and you can bend your body to your will.

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