One of the services I offer is Nutritional Advice.  With my qualification in Sports

Nutrition, I am able to offer clients sound nutritional information and advice.

Whether you are a P.T. client or not, I can offer direction and guidance in diet planning and lifestyle change.

I aim to:

1. Dispel diet myths, and give you the facts.

  1. 2.Tell you why Diets are making you fatter !  (Have you noticed how after

     successful dieting you end up heavier than when you started?)

3. Explain the difference between loosing weight and loosing fat.

4. Save you money on Diet Products that offer a quick fix.

5. Give you effective diet solutions to help you loose body fat, and keep it off.

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Nutritional Advice

Lose Fat Not Weight

Did you know ?

You brain uses up to 600 calories a day?  Some calories controlled diets will tell you to eat these few calories over certain periods.  This will effect your work and every aspect of your everyday life.

By cutting your calories your body will use your lean body tissue as well as your fat stocks.  You will of course loose weight , but your fat stocks will increase greatly when you start to eat normally again, so overtime you will be bigger than when your started your diet.

You need to maintain your weight for a period of about 3 to 4 weeks for your body to “normalize” and recognize your “new weight” and try to maintain it.

The BMI or “body mass index” is the medically recognized way to tell if you are overweight.  Athletic people will tend to be over the “BMI” due to the weight of their lean muscle mass and medically classed as obese even though they are perfectly healthy.


Look at your food dairy

See where your going wrong

Plan your food times

Look at your likes and dislikes

Advise on healthy meal options

Help you loose body fat

Help you build lean body mass

Help you have more energy

Help you look awesome